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Stainless steel workbench

Stainless steel workbench

Stainless steel workbench product details: 1, stainless steel workbench surface characteristics of the table board using high-pressure composite board, surface 1-2mm sand surface stainless steel plate, to achieve beautiful and durable. High temperature resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance and long service life...

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Stainless steel workbench product details:

1. Stainless steel workbench surface characteristics

The table is made of high-pressure composite board, and the surface is covered with 1-2mm sand surface stainless steel plate to achieve beautiful and durable.

High temperature resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance and long service life. It is a multifunctional table.

Suitable for use in general factories, food industry, research laboratories, and electronics factory clean rooms.

Lightweight workbench can support 300kg-500KG

Fire board top characteristics

Lightweight, beautiful, wear-resistant and fireproof.

Laminate top properties

The work table is flat, the deformation is small, the strength is high, and the impact resistance is good.

2, anti-static workbench structure

1. Anti-static workbench countertops are generally made of anti-static melamine high-pressure decorative laminates (commonly known as anti-static fireproof panels) made of surface materials and wood materials. The wood material is generally a particle board, which is grounded through a conductor such as a steel column and grounded through a grounding wire, so that the static electricity of the desktop is smoothly discharged to the earth through the connecting wire.

2. There are also some worktables that are made of stainless steel. The tabletop needs to be covered with an anti-static table mat. The table mats are connected to the ground through the contact line to achieve the effect of diarrhea and static electricity.

3, tooling board line anti-static workbench is based on the user's ordinary workbench function, increased anti-static function, that is, how to discharge the electrostatic diarrhea! Clean workbench clean workbench is a laminar local air The purification equipment adopts an adjustable air volume fan system. After adjusting the fan table, the wind speed in the clean working area can be kept within the ideal range. (The pressure gauge can be equipped according to customer requirements, and the change of high-efficiency filter resistance can be grasped at any time.

Structural features

Can be divided into light, medium, heavy workbench.

There are a variety of work desks to choose from, which can be used to suit different usage requirements.

A mounting hole is reserved on the table for the customer to install the power socket.

After installing the tool cabinet, it is more reasonable to use the space and store the protection tools.

A vise can be added directly to the work table.

Accessories such as louver hanging plates, square hole hanging plates, lamps, etc. can be added to the work table, and there are many options to meet customer requirements.

Stainless steel workbench

Ultra-thin separatorless filter

1. The tooling plate line adopts ultra-thin non-separator filter. The filtration efficiency is: 99.99%0.3um, static 100 grade. The size of the static pressure box is minimized, and the stainless steel countertop and the glass side baffle are used to make the studio of the rectification order appear spacious and bright;

2. Adjusting the wind speed with the adjustable air volume air supply system, so that the wind speed in the working area is in an ideal state. The fan adopts a direct-drive high-efficiency centrifugal fan, which has long life, low noise, maintenance-free and low vibration;

Anti-static workbench features

3. It is convenient to disassemble the large-volume pre-filtering coarse filter to better protect the high-efficiency filter and ensure the wind speed;

4, divided into vertical, horizontal manifold, open desktop, easy to operate;

5. The adjustable air volume delivery system is adopted, and the knob type adjusts the wind speed steplessly, so that the wind speed in the working area is in an ideal state;

6. According to the process requirements, the workbench can be used independently by a single unit, and multiple units can be connected in series to form a 100-stage ultra-clean flow assembly line;

7. Fit the differential pressure gauge to clearly indicate the differential pressure on both sides of the high-efficiency filter to remind the replacement of the high-efficiency filter;

The drawers and cabinet doors of the tooling line workbench are convenient for the user to store the tools. Different components can be added to the workbench desktop, such as hundred pages, square hole hanging boards, power sockets, lighting fixtures, spreaders, and the like. With the parts box and various hooks, the workbench can also store a variety of commonly used parts, tools, etc., more rational use of empty mold workbench, beech workbench, anti-static workbench, medium workbench, heavy workbench, Covered countertops, polymer countertops, fireproof countertops with vise, tool cabinet, process board, placement board, fluorescent lamp, air pipe, casters, etc. Common specifications: W1200*D750*H800mm, W1500*D750*H800mm, W1800*D750* H800mm, W2100*D750*H800mm, W2400*D750*H800mm.