Lean tube workbench

Lean tube workbench

Product Details

Lean Workbench: The workbench is composed of wire rods and joint fittings, which are easy to disassemble, flexible in assembly and improve production efficiency. Applicable to all electronic industry testing, maintenance and use. Through its arrangement, it can form various forms of workstations. The workbench is specially designed for the assembly, production, maintenance, operation and other work of the factory. Its countertops are specially treated, with anti-corrosion, anti-static and other characteristics. A variety of countertops can be selected to meet different requirements. The configured drawers and cabinet doors are convenient for the user to store the tools. The workbench series adopts standard configuration: lighting, newspaper, wind-hanging aluminum, craft guide hook, socket, switch, instrument panel, air pipe, casters, adjusting feet and so on. Configured according to customer needs. The tool cabinet can be used more reasonably to store and protect the tools.

The tooling plate line is a workbench assembled with a 28mm diameter lean tube with a wide variety of connectors and other applications such as table tops, sockets and other applications. The Weitao line bar workbench can be independent, combinable and easy to adjust, and can be freely designed and assembled according to the operation needs. It is suitable for inspection, maintenance and product assembly in various industries; it makes the factory more tidy, the production arrangement is easier, and the logistics is smoother. It can adapt to the continuous improvement of modern production, conforms to the principle of human-machine, enables the on-site staff to operate standard, comfortable, and realize the concept and creativity of the environment quickly. At the same time, it has the characteristics of lightness and firmness, and the surface is clean and wearable.

Lean tube workbench


The bar workbench meets the production needs of the workshop and is more suitable for the addition and application of various accessories. Has the following advantages:

1. Standard materials (lean pipes, joints and accessories) are designed and assembled for special station equipment and production systems.

2. The tooling plate line is simple to set up and flexible to apply, and is not limited by the shape of the part, the space of the station and the size of the site;

3, the transformation is simple, you can expand the structure function as needed.

4. Maximize the creativity of on-site employees and continuously improve the lean production management on site.

5. The materials can be reused, saving production costs and supporting environmental protection.

6. The surface of the tool tube line lean tube is a plastic layer, which is not easy to damage the surface of the parts.

7. Improve production efficiency, improve the overall quality of employees, and stimulate potential.