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Platen production line

Platen production line

Introduction to the production line of the platen production line/non-automatic production line: The mechanical system of the operator or industrial robot is arranged, and the set production line is completed in order....

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Platen production line / non-automatic production line

Production line introduction:

A mechanical system that is equipped with an operator or an industrial robot, and completes the line of the set production process in sequence.

The route through which the product is produced, that is, the route formed by a series of production line activities, such as processing, transportation, assembly, and inspection, from the time the raw materials enter the production site. The narrowly defined production line is organized according to the principle of object, a form of production organization that completes the product process, that is, according to the principle of product specialization, equipped with various equipment and workers of various types of work required to produce a certain product (zero, component) It is responsible for completing all the manufacturing work of a certain product (zero, component), and processing different labor processes for the same labor object.

The types of production lines are divided into production lines and parts production lines according to the size of the range. They are divided into flow production lines and non-flow production lines according to the rhythm. According to the degree of automation, they are divided into automatic production lines and non-automatic production lines.

The ratio of the process route and the labor volume of the main products of the production line or most of the products determines the machine equipment, the arrangement of the machinery and the arrangement of the work place, etc., which are necessary for the processing tasks of certain products. The production line has greater flexibility and can adapt to the needs of multi-variety production; under the condition that it can not adopt the production of flowing water, the organization production line is a relatively advanced production organization form; the product variety specifications are complex and the number of parts is large. In the enterprises with insufficient output of each product and insufficient machinery and equipment, the production line can achieve good economic benefits.

Platen production line

Platen production line

Platen production line


The automation of the production line has the following steps:

1. Determine the beat time first: no matter what kind of product, it is made in the right time that it must be completed.

2. Unit process: The tooling plate line only carries out the handling, assembly, processing and material collection of the unit parts for one product.

3. Pilot: A device that creates a tact time by visual inspection.

4.U-shaped production line: The equipment is arranged counterclockwise according to the engineering order, and one person is responsible for the exit and entrance.

5.AB control: Only when there is no product in the post-engineering project, and the former project has a product, the project is carried out.

6. Light: A device that communicates product irregularities in the production line process.

7. After the project is received: the products of the production line should meet the needs of the post-project.

Flexible production line features

The tooling board line is mainly to adapt to the multi-variety and small batch of orders in the market today, the production of frequent change lines, the flexibility of the flexible production line, and the modular structure of the building block, which can adapt to the product modification process in a short period of time and allow the production to be restored in time. Products are widely used in the automotive industry, electronics manufacturing, communications industry, bioengineering, pharmaceutical industry, military industry, various chemicals, precision hardware and other diversified production links.

Modularization: The wire rod products can be assembled, connected and built-in modular structure at will, which is convenient for reorganization and flexibility: the structure is simple, the disassembly and assembly is convenient, and the individual creativity can be exerted, which can meet the diversified manufacturing of modern enterprises.

Simplification: The use space of the tooling plate line workbench is small, and the inventory is very powerful. It is very helpful to connect small and medium-sized enterprises.

Manpower: The flexible workbench allows several people to work for one person and completes faster.

Environmentally friendly: the processing process eliminates grinding, welding, surface treatment, and each can be recycled, eliminating the waste panel optional wood board (PVC board, surface optional anti-static rubber. Anti-static fire board, stainless steel, etc.) or Slide rail