Drinking fountain assembly line

Drinking fountain assembly line

Product Details

Water dispenser assembly line product introduction:

1. Wire body bracket: It adopts 40mm×60mm thick flat-through welding to form a bracket with 2000mm spacing.

2. Trolley: It adopts 40mm×40mm2T square-pass welding molding, which is equipped with a position for detecting control box and current collector. There are four slidable wheels at the bottom of each trolley. The surface of the trolley is equipped with a powerless roller to facilitate the tooling plate. In and out of the trolley; the bottom of the trolley is equipped with H150mm1.5t304# stainless steel water tank, supporting water pump, water pipe and other related accessories. Each test trolley is equipped with a control box, which is equipped with power switch, socket, indicator light, etc., to control the water dispenser test machine water pump. run. (Water dispenser tester customers buy separately)

Drinking fountain assembly line

Drinking fountain assembly line

Drinking fountain assembly line

3. Trolley track: two circular orbits inside and outside. The track adopts 8# channel steel, and the two ring tracks should be in the same plane and parallel to each other.

4, double-speed chain conveyor chain: QXG-250A conveyor chain.

5, power mechanism: 4HP Taiwan production Dongyuan motor and 120# Sai Li tooth box, line body speed 1-2M / min adjustable, speed control using Delta inverter.

6. Launching mechanism: The entry and exit trolleys use two sets of auxiliary cylinders to push the mechanism to complete the action. The former set pushes the tooling plate with the water dispenser to the trolley running test, and the latter sets the tooling plate with the water dispenser to push away from the test line. Pack (or repair). The water dispenser that enters and exits the trolley should run smoothly, and the incoming and outgoing line body should be flush with the ring line, and there should be no jamming.

7. Double-speed chain line slide rail: DHG-4-35 collector rail is adopted. The grid bracket is fixed by 60mm×60mm square pass welding. The contact between the slide rail and the collector should be firm, and the slide rail should be installed horizontally. And ensure continuous conduction.

8. Conductor rail fixing bracket: It is welded by 60mm square pass, fixed ground installation, with a spacing of 2000mm.