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Finished stacker

Finished stacker

The operation method of the finished stacker is as follows: the racking system using the stacking crane should be numbered according to the position of the shelves, floors and rows of the shelves, so as to automatically enter and exit the library to the specified location....

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The finished stacker operates in the following ways:

The racking system using the stacking crane should be numbered according to the position of the shelves, floors and rows of the shelves, so as to realize the automatic entry and exit of the warehouse to the designated location, and also facilitate the management of the library by using the electronic computer. In fact, most of the latest large-scale automatic warehouses use electronic computers for library management. However, in order to save equipment investment, most of the small automatic locks still use manual control and semi-automatic control.

First, manual control

The manual control is to check the cargo number on the driver's desk of the stacking crane, and operate the joystick or button to complete the walking, lifting, and forking.

Finished stacker

Second, semi-automatic control

On the driver's desk of the stacking crane, the driver presses the button of the required position number, and the crane automatically completes the walking, lifting and various actions, and stops at the designated position number. The entry and exit of the fork is controlled by a manual joystick or by a button. Most of the return actions are automatically returned to the original position by pressing the back button.

Third, fully automatic control

This is an unmanned form. The control panel is mounted outside the crane and is commanded by buttons or punch cards. Therefore, as long as the start button is pressed, the remote stacking crane can automatically perform the inbound and outbound operations. Recently, a storage device such as a magnetic core memory is used to store the inventory amount or variety of each cargo number, and the management method in the library is performed.

Fourth, computer control

The assembly line manufacturer sets up the ground control panel directly connected with the electronic computer, and inputs the inbound and outbound instructions into the electronic computer for centralized control. The inbound and outbound instructions issued by the electronic computer are stored in the pre-box calculator on the ground control panel, and the calculator controls the stacking crane to automatically enter and leave the library, while carrying in and out of the warehouse. Calculations such as variety and number of times are implemented in the library management.

In large-scale automatic warehouses, assembly line manufacturers often adopt this management method. In the small independent shelf warehouses that have been built, some are managed by small computers.