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Maintenance method of the lifting platform: When the maintenance of the lifting platform is carried out monthly, the personnel enter the working of the lifting platform, and the elevator must be suspended to prevent the lifting platform from suddenly falling and causing casualties....

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Maintenance method of the lifting platform:

Monthly maintenance

When the assembly line manufacturer lifts the platform, the personnel enters the interior of the lifting platform. The elevator must be lifted to prevent the lifting platform from suddenly falling and causing casualties.

A. Check roller, intermediate shaft and bearing; cylinder pin and bearing; boom hinge and bearing lubrication and wear;




B. Fill the above components with lubricating oil. Extend bearing life.

C. The assembly line manufacturer checks the hydraulic oil quality and oil level. When the lifting platform is raised to the highest, the hydraulic oil level should be 40-50 mm above the bottom of the tank. When the hydraulic oil color becomes dark, the oil is sticky, or if there is any foreign matter such as gravel in the oil, the hydraulic oil should be replaced in time. The hydraulic system of the lifting platform uses 32# hydraulic oil.

Lift year-end maintenance

A. Check hydraulic and pipe connections. If the pipe is damaged, it should be replaced immediately; when the connection is loose, tighten the pipe joint.

B. Remove and disassemble the down valve, blow the valve core with compressed air and reinstall it.

C. Discharge all the hydraulic oil in the fuel tank, open the fuel tank, take out the suction filter, wash it, put it back into the fuel tank, and install it in place. The fuel tank is refilled with new oil.